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We utilize high performance tools and equipment to ensure efficient and effective cleaning, delivering outstanding results for our clients.


Office Cleaning in Niagara

Integrity Cleaning Services inc. will make your office sparkling clean! Specializing in medical, dental and corporate environments, our team goes above and beyond to ensure a germ-free, immaculate space that meets and exceeds provincial standards for Infection Prevention and Control. Experience the peace of mind that comes from a truly sanitized workspace. With Integrity Cleaning Services inc., You're investing in cleanliness as well as the well-being of your staff, clients and patients.

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Our commercial cleaning services include:
  • Office Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning
  • Restroom Sanitation
  • Trash Removal
  • And more...
The Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning:
  1. Ensures a clean and hygienic work environment for employees and clients.
  2. Reduces the spread of germs and illnesses, promoting better health and productivity.
  3. Saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.
  4. Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to deliver high-quality results.
  5. Regular cleaning helps maintain the appearance and longevity of your premises.

By hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, you can enjoy these benefits and maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

Health Benefits of a Clean Commercial Space:
  1. Maintaining a clean workplace promotes mental well-being and reduces stress among employees.
  2. A clean commercial space helps keep pests and insects away, preventing potential health hazards for both employees and customers.
  3. A clean and organized office or workspace creates an inviting and professional environment, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction.
  4. We provide helpful tips for keeping your commercial space clean and maintaining a healthy working environment.

By maintaining a clean commercial space, you can enjoy these surprising health benefits and enhance overall well-being for your employees and customers.

Our Cleaning Services

Custom Cleaning Plans for Offices Large and Small

Office Cleaning [Large or Small]

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We provide comprehensive cleaning services for various facilities, including office buildings, retail stores, high-security corporate offices, and more. Our team will ensure that your facility is clean, sanitized, and well-maintained, creating a welcoming and hygienic environment for employees, visitors, and customers.

  • Cleaning of all office desks and electronics.
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Wash Room Sanitation
  • Window cleaning
  • Surface cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • High-touch surface disinfection
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of common areas
  • Specialized cleaning services for specific facilities

Medical / Dental Office Cleaning

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We specialize in cleaning medical offices and clinics, including dental offices and laboratories, chiropractic clinics, physiotherapy clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Our team follows strict protocols to ensure a clean and sterile environment, paying attention to high-touch surfaces, waiting areas, examination rooms, and other critical areas. We understand the importance of infection prevention and control and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and healthcare professionals.

  • Cleaning of all office desks and electronics
  • High-touch surface disinfection
  • Waiting area cleaning
  • Examination room cleaning
  • Follows IPAC protocols
  • Trash removal and disposal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Wash room sanitation
  • Specialized cleaning services for medical settings
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Benefits of a Clean First Impression

By investing in regular office cleaning, businesses can create a conducive atmosphere that fosters productivity, employee satisfaction, and business success. A clean office space offers numerous benefits, including improved productivity, enhanced employee morale, and a positive impression on clients. A well-maintained office reflects professionalism and boosts the overall image of the company. Additionally, a clean and organized workspace minimizes distractions, allowing employees to focus better and be more efficient in their tasks.

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Latest News & Articles

Stay updated with the latest news and articles about office janitorial cleaning services, infection prevention and control, and apartment building cleaning. Explore our blog to discover valuable insights and helpful tips on maintaining a clean and safe environment for your workplace or residence. Our experts share their expertise and industry knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions regarding cleanliness and hygiene.


The Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning

The advantages of hiring professional office cleaning services for your business include improved productivity, enhanced employee health and morale, and a positive impression on clients and visitors due to a clean and well-maintained office space. It promotes a healthy and safe working environment by reducing the spread of germs and allergens.


The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control in Cleaning

Infection prevention and control measures are essential in maintaining a clean and safe environment. Best practices, antibacterial cleaning solutions, and disinfection methods play a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and well-being of your family, staff, clients, and patients.


Creating a Safe and Hygienic Environment in Apartment Buildings

Maintaining clean and safe common areas in apartment buildings is essential. Professional apartment building cleaning services offer numerous benefits such as preventing the spread of germs, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and fostering a welcoming living environment.